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We at Sehlhorst Equipment Services set ourselves apart from the competition when we can bring our three disciplines; excavation, demolition, and utility construction, to bear on a single project for our clients. We understand that the building package is the most important part of any construction project. At SES we tailor our work practices and schedules to expedite the building construction process, without compromising progress on our site work package. Our foremen, who are highly trained in excavation, demolition, and underground utility construction, are assigned to one job from start to completion. Additionally, a core crew of two to five men is also assigned to the project for its duration, performing all phases of work as the job progresses. Although this strategy requires higher quality and better trained personnel, we have found that it delivers results through fluidity and flexibility. Our men develop an understanding of how a job needs to flow, and seamlessly move between scopes of work, continually keeping the success of the entire project as our top priority.

If you have experienced an excavating contractor leaving your site a muddy mess, a utility contractor cutting off site access with multiple unbackfilled trenches, or a demolition contractor leaving half of the building debris on site, call SES for your next project. Through our deep understanding of site construction, our professional employees and our modern fleet, we will make your next site a springboard to successful building construction.

Please review our project links to see how having one point of contact for all of your site needs can simplify your next building experience.

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