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One of the toughest parts of a construction project is getting it out of the ground. Even the best due diligence can only reveal a partial picture of what lies beneath the surface. SES excels at dealing with adverse subsurface conditions. Once excavation begins we are prepared to handle anything encountered below ground, such as undesirable soils, utility conflicts, or buried structures. Most of our projects require working closely with the owner�s geotechnical firm to remediate soft soils through the use of admixtures, mechanical drying, or outright replacement. Once we have the cut and fill operation up and running, our operators use GPS equipped machines to place fill exactly where it is needed. As soon as the bulk dirt work is complete, the same operators proceed to grading building pads and parking lots.

All of our excavation work is guided by a three dimensional site model, created in house, from the engineer�s CAD drawings. This site model is then uploaded into the foreman�s handheld computer, and to onboard computers on the earthmoving equipment. When the GPS component is added to the equation, the 3-D model is linked to the actual site exactly as designed. Every person in the earthwork crew has a virtual model of the site at their fingertips. Harnessing the power of GPS produces an incredible amount of efficiency and accuracy in earthwork operations.

* Contact Rich Webster to discuss your next earthwork project.
  • Mass excavation
  • Building pads/Parking lots
  • Green space finish grading
  • Athletic fields
  • GPS guided machinery

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